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ooc programmning language is a different project!

Object Oriented C (ooc) kit is for those who want to program in an object orieneted manner, but stick on the good old C as well. ooc implements classes, single and multiple inheritance, exception handling. Ideal for students getting to know OO programming in pure C.

It can be mainly useful for education and for small systems that lack C++ compiler. Althoug I have written quite complex programs using ooc!

By the help of ooc you can write object oriented code in C with little efforts, though you must understand the underlying object model.

Creating ooc my main goal was to develop a lightweight object model, that provides many features of C++ but is pure ANSI-C. Thus this is highly portable even for small embedded systems as well. On other hand it was kind a "proof of concept" and a hobby.

ooc is mature enough to be ported onto small microcontrollers, PICs, or DSPs.

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ooc is like giving a good old steam locomotion a new life! :-)


  • Uses only C macros and functions, no language extensions required! (ANSI-C)
  • Easy to read source code for your application. Care was taken to make things as simple as possible.
  • Single inheritance of classes
  • Multiple inheritance by interfaces and mixins (since version 1.3)
  • Implementing exceptions (in pure C!)
  • Virtual functions for classes
  • External tool for easy class implementation


There are some other object models in C as weel. They may be worth a try. The mostly known is GObject, that is a very sophisticated system, but requires lot of typing, and subclassing is labor-intensive.

A short comparison table may help understand the key differences:

Class inheritance
Multiple inheritance: interfaces

Multiple inheritance: mixins

Run-time type safety
Exception handling
try ... catch .. finally

try ... catch
Managed pointers
ooc_manage, ooc_pass

Operator overloading

Function / method overloading



Compile time private / protected / public check

Broad range of containers, utilities
lacks many :-(
but Glib can be used!
many (Glib)
many (STL, Boost)

Currently supported compilers / platforms

  • GNU GCC 4.x on Linux (with automake tools as well)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (Express edition as well)
  • MPLAB C18 for the Microchip 8 bit PIC families (runs on windows)
  • MPLAB C30 for the Microchip 16 bit PIC families (runs on windows)
  • MPLAB C32 port for the Microchip 32 bit PIC families (runs on windows)

Projects with similar names

THIS ooc is a set of C macro collection and a small C library!
Unfortunately shares the name with some other projects of similar purpose.
Shall you be interested in those, you can find them here:

ooc programming language
(that is a LANGUAGE and a compiler called rock)
A good book introducing the concept and the related ooc C PREPOCESSOR

Happy ooc-coding!


2017. 10. 28.
  • Bug fixes
2012. 01. 09.
  • Introducing multiple inheritance:
    • interfaces
    • mixins

2011. 08. 10.
  • MPLAB C32 port
2011. 08. 06.
  • MPLAB C30 port
2011. 08. 02.
ooc is listed on Softpedia.

2011. 07. 31.
Version 1.1 is available:
  • MPLAB C18 port
2011. 04. 17
Version 1.0 is available:
  • Licensing changed to LGPL v3
  • Support for Unit testing
2010. 06. 19
Version 0.9.g is available:
  • Multithreading support
  • Easier porting
2010. 05. 12
Version 0.9.f is available.

Version 0.9.e is available.